The space for another fellow swallow

As Swallow we know that birds of a feather flock together.

Web Designer

We’re looking for a creative, attentive and friendly person to create and execute functional design solutions for our clients. We'll pay you fairly for your good work and when we say your working hours are flexible, we truly mean it.

You should have an overview of current trends in webdesign and the ability to independently present your ideas to the client. It is also preffered to have previous experience with the development of Internet projects, ideally for at least 3 years. Interested? Email us at .

Backend Developer

Have PHP at your fingertip? Cool, since we're looking for a competent and detail-oriented person to help us develop web presentations and apps. You'll get paid well for your work, and you can work flexible hours as a matter of course.

You should have previous experience with the development of Internet projects, be responsible and interested in web development and innovation. Sounds good? Email us at .

Frontend Developer

Can you make responsive websites? Great, ‘cause we’re looking for a qualified and detail-oriented person who will help us with the development and HTML templates creation. We'll pay you over the standard rates and we don't care whether you're a student and will go with a business license or an agreement.

You will need HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Photoshop experience. If you've been working on commercial projects, it's just a plus. Interested? Email us at .

Project Manager

Are you an organized “on the phone” person who does not get bewildered? Cool, since you might have just found a job as a Digital Project Manager. You will work in a friendly environment, get a lot of contacts and get a wage that will really motivate you.

You need to have perfect English, a hobby in interactive media and, ideally, experi-ence from a similar job. Sounds good? Email us at .

Account Manager

Do you find yourself a creative person who knows when to speak and when to listen? Friendly with everyone but strict when it comes to responsibilities and time-management? If so, become our new AM, meet people at the top positions, rule your project and make some nice money.

We expect you’ve got great English and understand how advertising, media and money work. Seems like for you? Email us .

New Business Manager

Each and every creative campaign starts with YES on the client’s side. If you under-stand this and hunting deals is what thrills you in the advertising business, then you might have just become our new NBM. Show yourself and earn some nice extra money for your sales skills.

We’re looking for talkative, charming people, a decision-maker with the most important skill of all: enthusiasm. Sounds good? Email us .